Airius sistem je nameščen na mnogih lokacijah, kjer so uporabniki ugotovili in potrdili njegov učinek na stroške in izboljšanje delovnega okolja. Na tej strani je zbranih nekaj izjav zadovoljnih uporabnikov.


"Podjetje Skrin d.o.o. Tolmin je zadovoljen uporabnik sistema Airius že nekaj let.
Sistem deluje tiho, nemoteče in pripomore k velikemu znižanju stroškov ogrevanja."

»Igor Kavčič, direktor podjetja SKRIN d.o.o., Tolmin, Izdelava strešnih kritin in krovskih izdelkov
(Prostoviseče enote Airius)

"Sistem AIRIUS smo namestili v delovni prostor z 9m visokim stropom, ki se razteza na cca 220m2. Temperaturna razlika v prostoru (op.: merjeno pri tleh in pod stropom) je pred namestitvijo znašala okrog 7 stopinj Celzija, z Airiusom pa smo pri tleh pridobili višjo temperaturo in skoraj popolnoma odpravili razlike. Ob lepem vremenu lahko izkoriščamo tudi sončno toploto, ki v prostor vdira skozi stranska okna pod stropom. Moji vtisi glede Airiusa so pozitivni, zaposleni so z njim zadovoljni, enakega mnenja so tudi stranke ob svojem obisku."

» Janez Stopar, direktor podjetja AVTOGEN d.o.o., Trzin, Servisiranje tovornih vozil
(Prostoviseče enote Airius)

"Sistem AIRIUS smo preizkusili v obdobju 03.11.-11.11.2009, in sicer v rastlinjaku površine 300m2 z vgrajenimi toplotno-senčilnimi zavesami.
Sami občutki so zelo pozitivni, opazili smo zmanjšano koncentracijo vlage v spodnjem delu prostora, kar kaže na učinkovito kroženje zraka med rastlinami in je prijetno tudi za osebje in stranke. Meritve temperature so pokazale tudi učinkovito izrabo zunanje toplote in izenačitev notranjih temperatur.
V prihodnosti imamo namen opremiti naše rastlinjake s to tehnologijo."

»Gregor Kozjek, Vrtnarstvo Kozjek, Voklo
(Prostoviseče enote Airius)


» Iain Calder - Property Director, TISO Edinburgh
(Products Supplied: Free hanging ceiling fans)
"Our Edinburgh Outdoor Experience store has a single floor store layout opening out into high roofed area with a ground floor cafe and gallery sales area; this open space had two issues; the gallery space being too hot during the summer months whilst the ground floor cafe was too cold for customers during the winter months. We originally controlled the temperature with large AC units but the result was never satisfactory at either level.
We installed 5 Airius destratification fans moving air from the high level on the gallery and pushing it down to the ground floor level, this brought the temperature on the gallery down to a comfortable level during the summer and resolved the cold customer issue in the cafe throughout the winter.
The Airius system was installed during the summer whilst the AC system was closed down for servicing and we were happy to find the environment now comfortable without the AC running. We were interested in the destratification effect during the winter months, as part of some trials we shut down the AC heating system and tested several thermostatically controlled wall heaters and found the temperature across both levels more than satisfactory with the temperature well balanced. This has now led to the entire AC system being decommissioned with a considerable reduction in electricity consumption.
We now consider destratification systems as a key part of our refits and store design for new openings, this helps us achieve improved customer comfort, operating efficiency and contributes towards reducing our carbon emissions."

» Nick Brewer - C Brewers & Sons Ltd (UK)
(Products Supplied: Free hanging ceiling fans)
"I confirm my order for a further 4 x model 25's for use in our Tonbridge branch. The staff in Folkstone are very happy with the performance of the units there, the thermostat has been turned down way beyond the point that I thought was humanly possible! I will put pen to paper and write a letter as a satisfied customer. "

» Jonathan Gudorf - Practical Action - The Schumacher Centre for Technology and Development (UK)
(Products Supplied : Free Hanging Ceiling Fans)
"Since we installed the Airius units in our Grade II listed Bourton Hall this winter we have noticed a significant increase in temperature when we open the building in the morning, requiring fewer inefficient, local space heaters on the ground floor. We also installed a unit in our unheated storage building and it has made a difference there as well, noticeably taking the chill off and providing the necessary ventilation without penetrating the roof structure. "

» MHP Industries Ltd (UK)
(Products Supplied: Free hanging ceiling fans)
"We have found the Airius fans to be a great asset to the working environment of our 12,000 square foot factory. Prior to the installation of these units the mezzanine areas were unbearably hot and the ground floor was at best cool. However, since the installation the working environment in both areas has become much improved."

» Jeff Patterson - Roberts Aircrafts Co (USA)
(Products Supplied: Suspended Ceiling Fans)
"The AIRIUS product has worked extremely well for us - it has exceeded our expectations. Our main hanger is approximately 32,000 sq ft with 40ft high ceilings. Before adding the AIRIUS products the heat would rise to the ceilings in winter leaving the floor cold. With the AIRIUS products installed the temperature remains constant from ceiling to floor. This has allowed us to reduce our thermostat settings while increasing the comfort level on the floor... Our employees love it - where they were wearing coats they are now working in t-shirts."

» Kelly Grummons - Chief Horticulturalist - Colorado (USA)
(Products Supplied: Free Hanging Ceiling Fans)
"The AIRIUS System reduced our energy costs by 26% and paid for itself in one winter season. The units increased the air circulation throughout the planting benches, eliminated non-productive cold corners and increased our winter plant growth. As you predicted, our concrete floors and walkways became a heat storage bank, supplying free heat during the night. As a result of installing your system, the consistent temperature increased our winter plant growth in ways we had never seen before. Calla Lilies bloomed 25% more than in previous winter months and our philodendron showed exceptional growth... The AIRIUS System helped us grow healthier plants. We've now installed the system throughout our greenhouses" "

» Matt Lambert - Rogue Rock Gym - Oregon (USA)
(Products Supplied: Free Hanging Ceiling Fans)
"I would like to compliment your company on a fine product. We use your AIRIUS System in our 6,000 sq ft rock climbing gym. Rock climbing gyms present a unique challenge when thinking about ventilation. The climbers do not want to climb in to a hot area whilst their partners at the bottom of the "rock" need to be kept warm... the opposite to the laws of physics... We need warm air at ground level with no increase in temperature as the climber ascends the wall. The AIRIUS System is perfect in this application... they are safe, quiet and very energy efficient and allow us to save on our air conditioning costs"

» Greg Billings - Building Automation/Energy Management Design Specialists (USA)
(Products Supplied: Suspended Ceiling Fans
"We are very happy with the performance of the AIRIUS units. The space within the county jail stays very comfortable and it is easier to control the temperature... we have requested funding, to install the AIRIUS System throughout the entire jail, for a 2007 installation. We installed the AIRIUS units in our 30,000 sq ft exhibition building. Again the space seems very comfortable... There is no difference in the temperature between the ceiling and the floor. I work for local government and it is in my best interest to only use products that represent a rock solid investment... "